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Chère Lalique Merci pour tes com et chat. C'est toujours avec plaisir que je te lis.
Passe une agréable semaine sous le soleil.
Bisous d'amitié

Écrit par : Freddy le montois | 25/04/2007

Bonsoir Lalique... Les plus beaux secrets sont ceux que l’on conserve…
Les conserves tu toi aussi ? Ou te dépêches tu de les partager ?
Bisous tout doux....Et à bientôt !

Écrit par : Chadou | 25/04/2007

Hi there Lalique! Thanks for passing by at my page! For me everything is well as far this is possible... I have been sick this week... and tday it's starting again. I'll survive! :) I just do need to take it easy... and rest a lot... so what about you? How was your week? Glad you like my art... and the one 'I give you all my love' too... :) Hope I'll make more you do like! (By the way new post on my page!) About my birthday, I'll become 20 years at 4th July this summer... so extra big big party ha ha! What about you when's your birthday? Have a joyful day! See you around!

ps. Offfpp... I used to play chess when I was younged a lot, it's been so long since I did!

Écrit par : Maud | 27/04/2007

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